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rere symphony the game changer

ReRe is a Vienna-based registered non-profit organisation with the purpose of promotion of children’s and youth physical and mental development in languages they like to learn in (English French, Spanish and German). 

Recreation Redefined is creating and utilizing scientific ideas, fun filled and action-based play approach towards sports, dance, languages, music instruments and body percussion for kids.

ReRe have designed ranges of highly and motivating training programs that will blow the kids away.  Our programs are designed for kids and youths in Recreational Centers,  School, Kindergartens,  for and after-school activities with multiple benefits for children and youths of all ages.


Improves coordination, speed, balance, traction, concentration, and Multiplexing

  • Create a fun & social environment for the kids
  • Improve cognitive skills
  • Create self confidence and balance
  • Boost memory functions and attention spans
  • Increased mental and physical reaction time
  • Improved immediate decision-making skills
  • Enhanced strategy & technique, visual and auditory processing
  • Improves perceptual motor skills
  • Encourage Team participation, Team interation and Team work

Follow your dream…Join the us and discover how far you can reach. 


Age is nothing but a number, our programs a structured to nourish even the younger generation…we practice what we say… by starting at their earlier age.


You alone can stop your passion…Our objectives are to teach the kids/athlete the fundamentals of the game, we love so much, build the athlete’s self-esteem, and to educate the athlete on the importance of each of the principles of the game and most of all, making them follow their dreams.

our plan

With trainers, professional athletes, and longtime experienced team on our staff, we know the importance of  body coordination training and how to facilitate it, as the time changes so is the systems. We provide intelligent training systems for the kids in the most efficient manner. We call it ‘’Catch them young and Seize the moment’´ and create the difference is our solution and program… Multisensory stimulation, High-level engagement through game play, impact based training, social & team interaction, improves: agility, balance, hand/feet coordination and speed

rere symphony mission.

The mission defines itself, at ReRe, our mission is to promote, increase, grow with the kids and Teens, and elevate the sport of American Flag Football through community service development and leadership

Our vission

Celebrating every day in the play ground like there’s is no tomorrow…making every moment, every day a better one. we’re passionate about what we do, We take our program with deep insight and our teaching approach towards our training program, our vision, our building block, NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND, express your feeling in the play ground, no boundaries, no limit on how much you can achieve,  we want our players to have fun! We take pride in sharing our love for the game of Flag Football and prioritize several skills training in our ReRe program.

Our model are structured to help each players reach their full potential, enhance opportunity for their talent to be recognize…

Founded by one of the best Trainer and ex-Europeans best player, coupled with NFL flavor by Coach Brandon Moore

We are not only passionate about the games of American Flag Football, but we want to create a top-notch teaching PROGRAM, that will help the kids improve their games, qualities, potentials and bring their game to the NEXT LEVEL

– coach brandon moore 

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